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Mosaic project

Inspired by Gaudi, I started my first project. IFirst I gathered tiles.
One idea I had in my head.

Last year I collected all the necessary pebbles in Brittany.
For this pretty big project I would go after the renovation to begin.
Now we begin!
Okay here we go.
The picture of the landscape is still in my head, it began to look nice on the wall of the new toilet. I'm so excited by the results
The blue red white and yellow colors flowed together on the wall. Ohhhh so beautiful !!
Unbelievable what a look. So beautiful!
Soon I was ready with the first wall.
Now think about the other walls.
A niche that I was going to tile.

To make a memorial corner of it. 
And this is the result.

What do you think ????


nga embroidery said...

I have never liked mosaic: i have seen bird baths, patios, tables etc....they looked so awful. But I do love yours. I like the idea of leaving some empty spaces: it looks so artistic.

Anonymous said...

I love this piece - well done. It is so tasteful. and not over the top

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