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For my loyal followers an update at last the time has not been felted

In the meantime made a wonderful trip to Australia
Seen plenty of nature and insanely made a lot off great photos.
Yet a moment to tell you about Pam

A woman  (Pam) living in Bedigo-Victoria-Australia  she makes the most beautiful felted clothing, 
I've ever seen
It's more than just normaly rolling. It's really ART.
Using a home made wet felting machine and 12 microns merino roving tops, silk, olive soap- natural colors (all  dyed with natural products in and around her house)

12 micron.......... people really  so soft I never never never felt anything like that. normaly the thickness of the wool is about 17 - 19 microns.
But 12 microns is so fantastically soft ............................SOFT !!!!!!
So I got a bag of wool from her to bring home..... and I'm going to test how the material works

*  Try as I go testing in a few days.
* More about here in a few days

Next  week I will start again with felting
Have ordered 2 kg of wool into beautiful natural earth tones to create a large carpet.

But before the felting 

create on paper with my pastel pencils a design
choose the colors roving tops of wool for using in design
create the first time a patch test  how ....(and will the colors) fit together.
I'll up to date you (in the meantime making some pics)
And then after a few days of work , prepare and testingFinaly I'll start with my new huge creation.
Dear people enjoy the summer and start again with felting.........


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dawn said...

I've never used 12 micron merino. Don't know if it's available here. Do you have a source where I could find it, too? Would love to give it a try...Sounds wonderful. Thanks so much,

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